Freeplay by Justice Hehir (Emilie Pass) for ETS

Sir Patient Fancy by Aphra Behn (Leigh Silverman) for Red Bull Theater

Cowboy Bob by Molly Beach Murphy, Jeanna Phillips and Annie Tippe for New York Stage And Film

End of Message by Laura Jacqmin for Cape Cod Theatre Project

The Lucky Ones by Abigail and Shaun Bengson and Sarah Gancher for Ars Nova

Is Edward Snowden Single? by Kate Cortesi for New Dramatists and Dorset Theatre Festival

Timbuktu by Ken Prestininzi for New Dramatists

Tight by Kate Cortesi for New Dramatists

The Betterment Society by Mashuq Deen for New Dramatists

the opportunities of extinction by Sam Chanse for New Dramatists

Three Rules For The Dragon by Jeff Talbott for Colt Coeur

One More Less by Kate Cortesi for New Dramatists

Mrs. Popska by Ken Prestininzi for New Dramatists

Sensitive Guys by MJ Kaufman for The Lark and Project Y

Fulfillment Center by Abe Koogler for Julliard

The Securely Conferred Vouchsafed Keepsakes of Maery S. by Sibyl Kempson for New Dramatists and The Baryshnikov Arts Center

X-ID Rep by Aya Ogawa, MJ Kaufman, Jackie Sibblies Drury and Kirk Wood Bromley for The New Museum

Burnished By Grief by Ellen Maddow for Talking Band

I Will Be Gone by Erin Courtney for Playwright’s Horizons

Rumpel by Sari Caine for The Flea

Impure Thoughts (Without Apology) by Ken Prestininzi for New Dramatists

1300 Lafayette East by Brooke Berman for Stacey Mindich Productions

How to Live on Earth by MJ Kaufman for Colt Coeur

Murmur Rock by MJ Kaufman for Huntington Theater Company

The Bluebeard Project by Masha Obolensky and Melia Bensussen for Huntington Theater Company

The Subject by Chisa Hutchinson for Rattlestick Theatre

The Blackest Shore by Mark Schultz for Playwrights Horizons

Sex Play by Sylvan Oswald for Playwrights Horizons

Juicy and Delicious by Lucy Alibar for Fusion Film Festival

Help Me To Make It by Collaboration Town for IRT

Lottie in the Late Afternoon by Amelia Roper for Yale MFA Playwrighting Program

Stunning, Still. by Lauren Whitehead at the Vineyard Arts Project

I Came To Look For You On Tuesday.  I’ll Be Back Again In Two Days by Chiori Miyagawa at New Dramatists

Anthropology of a Book Club by Barbara Cassidy at New Georges

Marie Antoinette by David Adjmi at Yale Repertory Theatre

Somewhere Safer by Lauren Ferebee at On the Square Productions

Escape by Susan Mosakowski at New Dramatists

Five Pleasures by Kate Benson at Clubbed Thumb

And When We Awoke There Was Light and Light by Laura Jacqmin at the Cape Cod Theatre Project

The Heliotrope Bouquet by Eric Overmyer at Boomerang Theatre

Civilization (All You Can Eat) by Jason Grote at Clubbed Thumb

A World Apart by Susan Mosakowski at New Dramatists

This Lingering Life by Chiori Miyagawa at New Dramatists

Alcestis adaptation by Caridad Svich at New Georges

The Correspondent by Ken Urban at The Lark

Summer in Gossensass by Maria Irene Fornes for the Fornes Festival

Nocturnal Commisions 2010 benefit at New Dramatists

Burning Burning Burning by David Bar Katz for Redbull Theater

Sex on Sunday by Chisa Hutchinson for The BE Company

Lear adaptation by Young Jean Lee at Soho Rep

Escape Artist’s Children by Steve Harper at New Professional Theatre

The Quick by Tanya Barfield at New Dramatists and Playwrights Horizons

Stunning by David Adjmi at New York Theatre Workshop and Lincoln Center

Baloney Heaven by Susan Mosakowski at New Dramatists

Aux Cops by Quincy Long at New Dramatists

Luscious Music by Matthew Maguire at Rattlestick Theatre

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