Raised in Washington, DC by a civil rights attorney and a griot, a strong sense of justice and the ability to express yourself were required in my house.  A childhood full of exposure to all kinds of people, stories and traditions gave me a wild imagination and a deep sense of community.  As an adult, I’ve found the arts to be the most profound way I can be a part of creating community and contributing to the larger conversation.

Being intrigued by the ways in which people live (love, survive, heal, etc.) has driven me to travel extensively and explore the living habits of all kinds of people.  My life in the arts has always been about work that I feel in some way helps to validate and enrich the experience of myself and/or others.  It’s about helping people understand one another better.  It’s about helping people cope with the pain and absurdity of being human.  It’s about helping people get through their day.

Consequently I tend to work with a lot of writers, directors and actors to create and develop new work for theater, television and film.


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