TFANA Fefu 25 (c) Henry Grossman

What a ride the latter half of 2019 was!  Doing 3 shows back to back was as exhausting as it was rewarding–and playing Fefu in Fornez’s complex and iconic work was a crowning experience.  To lead such an impeccable cast in the midst of such distinct, detailed and delicious design was a dream come true.  Director Lileana Blain-Cruz and I have collaborated enough now that we’ve reached this wonderful place of trust and respect that invite another layer of bravery and richness into our work together.  I can’t get enough of being in the room with her and am endlessly grateful for her vision and support.

So far 2020 has been busy with auditions, a reading at EST and Clubbed Thumb’s Winterworks.  I did a gem of a little play called Panopticon by Gracie Gardner.  Directed by smarty Caitlin Sullivan with a sweet little cast it was quick, dirty and fun.  I also shot a few scenes for a digital series Platonic created by Erin C. Buckley.  The process was comfortable, focused and easy so I’m excited to see how it all turned out…

Lots of irons in the fire so more soon!  In the meantime, here are some of the looks from Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins’s Girls at Yale Rep.  And if you missed Fefu be sure to check out my press page!


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